Vendor Benefits

There are many online marketplaces out there and many of them are excellent choices, but have some kind of limitation or restriction to sell your stuff.
Our goal is to create an online marketplace where ANYONE with ANY item can have a place to sell just about ANYTHING. As we say, 'If you've got it then you can sell it here' .

So, if you are looking for an ebay alternative, amazon alternative or etsy alternative then give us a try. It's FREE to list your first 200 products.

  • Competitive Selling Rates
  • MyKiosk - $0 Listing Fee, (3% commission, $20/mo Unlimited on our Pro plan.), $0 Listing Fees - 12% commission on our FREE plan.
  • Amazon - 20% commission fee.
  • Ebay - 12% - commission fee, ebay store is extra.
  • ETSY - $.20 Listing Fee per item (max 4 months), 3.5% plus web-store extra $.
  • Bonanza - 9% Basic w/Google shopping, up to 30% commission fee.
  • Artfire - $.23 Listing fee per item plus 9% Standard Shop, ($20/month 3% Popular shop).

  • Free Store Front
    (All Accounts)
Every seller plan gets a store front of their own. Customize your store front with your logo and your store policies. A list of categories specific to your inventory will be displayed. You will have your own product search box for just your items.

  • No Listing Fees
It is totally FREE to list any item within our site policies. We do not charge any listing fees for any account type.
Once the item sells we only charge a flat percentage of the sold item.
So, you have nothing to lose by listing any item you have.
We only make money when you make money and your item sells.

  • 50 Business Cards

  • Made of 14pt. cardstock with silk coated front and back. Great for readability and easy to write on.
  • Just write in your store name with a pen or sharpie and pass out at festivals, fairs, craft events or any occasion.
  • The back is blank so you can use it for any notes or to add a phone number.
  • Free for any of the paid accounts (Silver, Gold or Pro) after you add a minimum of 20 products.

  • T-Shirt

  • A white 100% cotton pre-shrunk t-shirt to wear and let others know that you sell on
  • Free for any of the paid accounts (Silver, Gold or Pro)
  • After you sign up and list a minimum of 20 items just send us your gender preference style of t-shirt (Women's cut or Unisex) and the size you desire. (Small-XL only)
    The women's style t-shirts tends to run 1 size smaller than the traditional unisex shirt.

  • Seller Protection
Seller Protection offers you peace of mind when a buyer files a case. You must agree and comply with our selling terms .

  • Low Commissions
Compared to the cost of operating a traditional brick and mortar business running your business online and from your home just makes sense. With low commissions and no listing fees we understand the lower your overhead means more profit goes in your pocket.

  • Tutorials
We have step-by-step instructions on how to setup your kiosk and add products. Your own dashboard highlights your sales activity and your communication with buyers. Also, check out our blog pages for helpful information and articles about selling online.

  • Secure Payments

We have chosen Paypal to be our payment vendor because of their world-class reputation, seller protection, buyer protection Shipping System and trusted security measures. Yes. PayPal uses SSL technology to keep your information safe. In addition, when you send a payment using PayPal, the recipient won't receive sensitive financial information like your credit card or bank account number. This way, you don't have to worry about paying people you don't know. Buyers can check out with Paypal and not have to create a Paypal account.
(Plus Paypal also offers Seller and Buyer protection services along with Shipping Label Print and Shipping Tracking.)

  • No Credit Card Info on File
We use Paypal as our sole payment processor so we do not keep any credit card information on our site.

  • Setup Quantity Discounts
You can setup quantity discounts per item if desired.


  • Buy With & Save Feature
Combine 2 or more products and set price options to sell more products. Price options here do not affect your original listing.


  • Unlimited Product Variants
Choose: Select Boxes, Radio Buttons, Text Boxes, Text Areas, Check Boxes, Files


  • No Item Limits
You can list just 1 item to sell or 10,000 items to sell with any seller account. (ie, You list one baseball cap for sale but you have 2,000 of them. So, the baseball cap is 1 product and the quantity of them is 2,000.) We do not put a limit on the quantity of items like other online marketplace sites.

  • No Time Limits
No selling time limits. You products will stay online until it sells .

  • Google Shopping Listings
Included - We list all products on Google Shopping at our expense. See How To


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