About Our Company

MyKiosk.online is an online marketplace that empowers sellers of all kinds to build a sustainable business based online. Our site is built on the experience of selling online and listening to other online sellers.

Our mission is to provide a easy platform for a new online sell to the seasoned pro seller to market their goods and products. You shouldn't have to be highly technical these days to sell online.


Founder, Philip Bloom
Since attempting to open a traditional 'brick and mortar' t-shirt & sign shop on two separate occasions in my small town in Commerce Ga with many difficulties trying to compete for the same schools and churches business my wife and I decided to shut down our store and solely sell online.

We understand there are many online market places to sell online such as ebay, etsy, bonanza, artfire and amazon to name a few. Some of these sites are a bit to technical, some a bit expensive and some just let you sell one type of product such as only handmade items.

At MyKiosk our goal is to provide a platform that lets a seller list ANY type of item and provide the flexibility for different listing variants for any particular item such as size, personalization, color and even different shipping options.